starry all over

by Snowdrift

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"It’s not often you hear an album that really blows you away. Seattle based Snowdrift’s second album, Starry All Over, does just that. Snowdrift’s sound is an unusual cross of prog rock/drone with a dream pop, acoustic undercurrent. Beautiful, haunting vocals from lead singer Kat Terran along with a grinding, dark, yet acoustic sound creates an unworldly musical landscape. This is an amazing album, very dark but with a sliver of light, an album for creatures of the dark who dwell in the light.
Tracks: All Tracks Good
RIYD: Asobe Seksu, Dead Can Dance, early Cocteau Twins"

-- justintime, WRUV, 11 June, 2010

"Seattle-based Snowdrift has released the most wonderful new collection of music on this, their second CD. It’s a trippy mix of trance-inducing, gentle songs that could easily lift you by the soul and carry you up, up and away into weightless bliss. According to the band’s website they practice self-hypnosis, and their music well reflects this. This is the stuff dreams are made of, the type of music that begs music lovers to put on the headphones, lay back and enter Snowdrift’s world of shadows, memories and ghostly places.

Made up of four friends who have played and performed for a number of years, they wrote and recorded “Starry All Over” in their basement in Ballard. The album is full of synthesized effects, echoing vocals and whispered lyrics, combined with sparse instrumentation - cello, guitars, drums and keyboards. Kat Terran’s haunting vocals draw you in like Odysseus to the isle of sirens. On some tracks, such as “Sugar Queen and the Honey Storm,” she duets with another band member, the male and female voices intertwining and dancing in a sedating, seductive ballet.

“Secret” begins the album with the sort of trademark eeriness found throughout the collection. The pendulous sway of the tempo on this and all of Snowdrift’s songs works to lull the listener into an altered state of consciousness, where things are a little dark yet lovely. Other tunes, like “Little Roar,” are more reminiscent of Bjork’s style of electronic sound effects that aren’t overdone, but rather compose a futuristic vibe. Other songs can make you feel as if you’re on a gently rocking boat, floating on water, lazy in the fog.

“Sky Scrape Sea” urges listeners to ride the big, blue sky high-risers. Terran’s vocals are so processed it’s hard to understand what she’s saying sometimes, but words like “skies” and “above” come through the trailing echoes. It’s like listening to the sound an impressionistic painting would make, could it do so. “Those Nights” is guitar heavy and ponderous, while “Disaster as a Swan” is made unique by the light crackle of a needle on an old, dusty record, the cracks and pops sounding like raindrops.

This is music for the night, something you could play in the after-hours when it’s just you and your friends home from the clubs, sitting around the living room in the wee hours of the morning, still feeling high and awaiting the coming dawn together. A must for any shoegazer’s CD collection, “Starry All Over” is an exciting offering from a band that definitely deserves watching."

Reviewed by Matt Nagle
Tacoma Weekly, 10 August, 2010


released June 1, 2010




Snowdrift Seattle, Washington

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